Have you considered adding dental care to your employee benefits package?

At Pure Periodontics we are dedicated to providing the City of London with periodontal care of the highest standard. As company decision-makers recognise the negative impact that dental complications could have on their employees, and in turn their business, more organisations than ever are choosing to include oral health care in their employee benefits package. Poor dental hygiene can cause serious problems. In fact gum disease, which is commonly caused by an untreated buildup of plaque, is still the biggest cause of tooth loss.

Why should you include Pure Periodontics dental hygiene plan in your employee benefits package?

  • We’re conveniently located in the heart of the city, just moments away from Liverpool Street Station allowing staff disruption caused by dental appointments to be minimised.
  • An enhanced offering to your employees will increase loyalty and talent retention as it portrays a genuine interest in their well being.
  • We focus on prevention in our hygiene packages, reducing the chances of staff sickness in relation to poor dental health.
  • Our employer discount scheme offers employees a substantial discount on treatments, which encourages them to maintain a good standard of oral health and hygiene.
  • We have a wide variety of funding options available including fully company paid, part-company paid and fully employee paid packages, so you need not worry about the cost.

Most of us rely heavily on our mouths to communicate, eat and express ourselves. Failure to maintain good oral health often causes complications that make life quite difficult, very quickly. It is for this reason that we believe everyone should be able to access high quality oral health care. We invite you to meet with our team to discuss your specific requirements, so we can provide a suitable dental hygiene plan that is beneficial to you and your employees.