Composite Resin Fillings & Restorations

‘White’ or ‘tooth coloured’ composite resin fillings, can replace your older amalgam or composite fillings to improve the aesthetic appearance of your smile.

These are strong and are colour selected to match the shade of your existing teeth. The tooth is prepared and the filling material is bonded to your tooth with an adhesive agent before being set hard with a light.

Your dentist will carefully consider, the age of the old filling, the size of the cavity and the types of materials to be used.


What is composite resin bonding?

Composite resin bonding is a specific type of dental procedure which involves the application of tooth coloured composite resin filling material used as an aesthetic solution that can be applied to tooth (or several teeth) surfaces to:

  • Close gaps between teeth.
  • Improve tooth shape and proportions.
  • Redesign a whole smile.
  • Fix chipped teeth.
  • Fix fractured teeth.
  • Repair staining in old composite fillings.


What are the benefits of composite bonding?

  • Composite bonding treatment can be completed in one appointment (with appropriate planning), is relatively non-invasive and is less expensive than treatments like porcelain veneers.
  • It’s a fast and effective way to fix minor cosmetic issues. The composite resin is hardened using blue light as soon as it’s applied, resulting in a restoration that can comfortably used by the end of the procedure.
  • With regular brushing and good oral hygiene, the composite bond should last for many years.
  • Maintenance and refurbishment of the composite restorations is often required in the long-term.


What are the alternatives to composite bonding?

Crowns and veneers are both good alternatives to composite bonding, but these treatments involve permanent removal of part of the tooth. Whereas for composite bonding treatment, the surface of the tooth may only need to be roughened to help the resin to bond, meaning the structure of the tooth remains more intact.

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