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Patient testimonials

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To give you an opportunity to hear what dentistry at Pure Periodontics is like from the patient’s perspective, we spent a day asking our patients to share their stories. The videos below are the result.

Inflamed gums

“It helps coming to someone like Neesha because the care is always about the person first…

You always get the sense that your holistic wellbeing is at the core of what she does.”

Bone regeneration

“If I had anybody with similar symptoms of gum disease I would definitely recommend Neesha and Pure Periodontics to them.”

Infected root

“I was worried that I was going to end up losing all of my teeth in my 30’s…

It was such a weight off my mind. I felt like I was in safe hands.”

Painful gums


“I didn’t realise quite how worried I was about it. My teeth are not wobbly anymore and I know that my gums will be OK and I know that if something little happens or if there is a problem I know I can come here.”


“I was overwhelmed by how lovely they were for one thing…They’re really good. It’s nice to be able to put a smile back on your face.”


“I was in quite a lot of stress and actually quite upset to be diagnosed with gum disease because I always made the relationship that gum disease was connected to bad oral health.”

Losing teeth

“She very quickly gets down to the business of looking after your teeth and keeping your teeth and preserving your teeth.”