Patient testimonials


“When Neesha moved her practice, initially, I saw other Periodontists. It didn’t work out. No one’s as good as Neesha and her crew for making a dental paranoiac like me feel safe. Everyone looks after you so well & makes you feel totally at ease. Now, I actually look forward to my appointment! Pure Periodontics is the best!”

Jack Notman

I was referred to Dr Neesha Patel last year for Periodontal treatment. During my initial assessment Neesha recognised immediately how anxious I was about the issues surrounding my diagnosis and my need for honesty and explicit explanations regarding the condition and potential treatment. As a result she built my confidence in her ability to provide the best care possible, as well as demonstrated to me her level of expertise and skills in this area.

Neesha explained the planned treatment and her approach to administering it. She gave me clear options that allowed me to make an informed decision of what would be the best course of action to prevent further deterioration in the health of my gums and how I wished her to proceed. At each stage she ensured I was involved and comfortable with the plan before progressing onto the next stage of the treatment plan.

The first surgery carried out by Neesha set the standard of extremely high-level of care; attention to detail; professionalism that was to characterise the rest of the surgeries. After the first surgery, Neesha went beyond the call of duty by telephoning me, outside of office hours, to monitor my progress and pre-empt any potential risks of infection. All of this further built my trust in Neesha and made me realise I was in ‘good hands’.

Due to the level of care, extremely high standard clinical and ethical practice that featured from my initial meeting with Neesha to the first surgery, I was free from anxiety and stress when faced with the remaining two surgeries. This all, I believe, contributed to a successful healing process without any post-operative infection.

Throughout this whole process I always felt Neesha’s approach has been holistic as she is genuinely concerned about my general health and well-being and the impact this has on my gum health. She continues to put my needs at the centre of the treatment plan.
Farida Hasan


“The team at Pure Periodontics impressed me from day one with their professional and caring service. As someone who was initially quite reluctant to seek periodontal treatment, I was struck by the quality of care at a practice which not only uses cutting edge technology to help minimise patient discomfort, but also goes to great lengths to explain the rationale for the treatment provided. Neesha’s is a first class practice which I wholeheartedly recommend to all other reluctant patients!”

Dr Nicholas Spiro

I would highly recommend Pure Periodontics, as the whole team is absolutely amazing!
Having spent more than 10 years attending different dentist practices mainly in Italy and recently in the UK I can say Pure Periodontics has been without a doubt the most professional and loving practice I have ever been to.

The team manager Sukriti is always extra kind and attentive, both before and after my therapy she has always been able to make me feel comfortable most importantly she made me smile and cheered me up.

Dr Neesha saw me initially at a very short notice, which I am very thankful for as I was very anxious about my bleeding gums.
My initial consultation with her was very thorough and she has always been professional and calm and always very clear explaining the situation and suggesting a course of treatment.

Once agreed the treatment I was introduced to Kristen who saw me for the supportive periodontal therapy and then afterwards for periodontal treatment.
Kristen is honest, trustworthy, efficient and professional.

She explained to me very clearly and efficiently the oral hygiene procedures (which might seem easy but I have finally understood after about 27 years!) and ever since my teeth and mouth have never felt cleaner and healthier, she is truly the best hygienist I have ever met, always very kind, attentive to the patient needs and caring.

While performing the periodontal treatment she made me feel at ease and she has always been lovely and cracked a joke to cheer me up, making sure I was comfortable and feeling well at all times, she made this experience a lot easier for me.

All in all I was really lucky to find this team of women and I am ever so grateful of the fantastic job they’ve done with me.
Thank you girls!
Silvia Giudice


“Neesha has an almost uncanny ability to instil calm, enabling her patients to undergo seemingly complex procedures with ease. Strange as it sounds, I have sometimes left her surgery with the feeling experienced after a yoga session. She and her team are consummate professionals in what they do.”


Well done with your new premises – it looks lovely. Just want to thank Neesha and Sukriti for their formidable work taking care of me and my teeth for 3 years now. Never had a problem since I started regularly with Pure Periodontics. Good and professional service – what more can you ask for. Any time I hear someone talking about/asking for your line of business – I recommend Pure Periodontics.
Otello Finetto