More than 45% of adults in the UK are affected by gum disease which, even at the mildest level, can affect their quality of life.

Bleeding gums are not a natural occurrence and generally indicate poor gum health. Unfortunately, gum disease is often overlooked as it has few symptoms in its early stages.

Sadly it is the most common reasons for tooth loss and most commonly begins with the build-up of plaque, forming tartar or calculus, which groups where the tooth meets the gum.

Gum Disease can vary from mild Gingivitis to advanced periodontitis

Treating the disease in its early stages is of key importance, as the disease will slowly begin to attack the bone and tissue that support the teeth, which can result in eventual tooth loss.

Importantly, gum disease is preventable and, especially in the early stages, easily treatable with regular dental hygiene visits.

We welcome both self and referred patients and would highly advise anyone worried about their oral health to book an appointment, where we will be able advise you about any necessary treatment from professional cleaning to more complex treatments.

Pure Periodontics is equipped with state-of-the-art technology and a leading team of specialists and hygienists.

Consultation/Initial Appointments

The first stage in periodontal treatment is a consultation appointment. It is vitally important for the ultimate success of any treatment that the severity and extent of the disease are established at the outset. This is done by carefully measuring the position of the gums and determining whether or not spaces have developed between the gums and the teeth.

These spaces are called “pockets” and their depth is registered on a special chart. In addition to these recordings, x-rays which show the position and height of the supporting bone around the teeth will be taken and evaluated. Once all the information has been collated, a plan for treatment can be devised. A range of treatment options will be presented and their merits and potential drawbacks discussed with you. This is the best time to ask any questions you may have regarding your treatment.

The aim at Pure Periodontics is to preserve your teeth wherever possible and advisable. By the end of this appointment you will be fully informed about your periodontal condition and have a sound understanding of the proposed treatment as well as the likelihood of success.

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