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Top tips to help you prepare for your periodontal visit.

If you are considering booking a visit with a gum specialist team (i.e., a periodontal practice), you may have some information about how you can prepare for your first visit. This information may have been shared by your dentist, you may have had similar treatments in the past, or you may even be completely new to the whole experience.  Regardless of how familiar you are with the process or where you are in your treatment journey, here are a few steps you can follow to make the most out of your periodontal treatment experience with us.

  • Do confirm your appointment schedule


There is nothing more frustrating than turning up for a visit you don’t have or missing a booked visit. Therefore, always make sure you check the date and time of your next appointment. At Pure Periodontics we use an automated reminder system that confirms your visit as soon as you make a booking and sends out reminders closer to time. These confirmations are sent out as emails and SMS reminders. Always make sure you check the correspondence from us and let us know if there are any issues.


  • Do share your full medical history

Remember to always share your full medical history, including the names and dosage of all medications that you are taking. It is very important that we have all the necessary information regarding your health to ensure that we provide you with a safe and effective treatment.  You can either share your medical details using the secure patient portal we use for filling our patient forms, or email these details over to us before your visit. You may even choose to bring you records or medications with you to your appointment. We will re-assess your medical details before each of your visits and you can help us get organised ahead of your visit by securely sharing the information.


  • Don’t overbrush or overclean your teeth and gums

Many people ask us whether they should brush their teeth before their visit. While we advise that you may gently brush your teeth if you prefer, you do not need to worry if you are not able to. It is more important to maintain regular brushing habits than trying to get rid of all plaque and deposits just before your appointment. Overbrushing or aggressive cleaning can make your mouth sensitive due to the damage to your teeth and/or injury to your gums. As we need to closely work on your gums and around your teeth during check-ups and treatments, damaged gums may make you may feel uncomfortable and sore.

For existing patients, we always advise you to follow our tailored oral hygiene care advise using an a-traumatic brushing technique. If you have never seen us before, make sure you brush and clean as normal, but avoid overdoing this. We will ensure that we teach you the best technique, customised to your care needs to achieve the best oral hygiene without damaging your teeth or gums.


  • Do make sure you have something to eat beforehand

You should always eat as normal prior to your periodontal visit. While some patients refrain from eating food just before their visit, consuming a light meal may actually work in your favour. It reduces the likelihood of being lightheaded from stress and may even help calm your nerves.  While there isn’t a particular list of food that you should or shouldn’t eat before your visit, you may wish to avoid certain food with high amounts of sulphur such as garlic or onion if this makes you feel conscious. Alternatively, food high in protein and/or fibre such as apple, eggs, oats, banana can make you feel energised and also keep you full for longer. This may be particularly important if we need to use dental anaesthetic for your treatment as you will not be able to eat or talk as normal for up to a few hours afterwards. In certain cases, we may even advise you to avoid eating anything for a few hours before your visit. But this will always be communicated to you by our team in advance. If in doubt, please get in touch with us to check.


  • Don’t consume alcohol before your visit

Although it might be tempting to consume alcohol to help you calm your nerves, we advise that you don’t drink until after your periodontal treatment. Even in low levels, alcohol may disturb your healing process, interact with certain medications, or increase your risk of bleeding. It may also make you feel uneasy or sick and affect how you respond to anaesthetics. If you feel like you need to drink to relax, we advise you to discuss your anxieties with us while scheduling your appointment. Our friendly and knowledgeable team are at hand to make your periodontal visit as calm and stress free as possible.


  • Don’t arrive late or leave forms/payments pending

Ensure that you make your way to the practice early, allowing enough time for your commute to our practice. Also, make sure we have all the necessary forms before your visit. To automate the process, we provide an email/text link to fill out all forms and complete payments in advance. This is so that we can avoid late running and reduce any waiting times. Preparing for your visit by arriving on time and completing the necessary documents in advance helps us service you in a more efficient, time-effective manner.  You may even choose to arrive at the practice 5-10 minutes earlier to complete any pending forms, or to discuss any concerns you may have. Don’t forget arriving on time also means we can finish your treatment on time!


  • Don’t worry

While we understand that visiting the dentist may be a daunting experience for some, worrying about this may just make your anxiety worse. The diagnosis of gum disease can be quite upsetting, but the treatment process doesn’t have to be.  As a specialist practice, we have many years of experience of treating and managing gum disease and we regularly work with patients with various levels of dental anxiety. We have also won multiple dental awards and recognitions for our patient approach and treatment outcomes. Rest assured, you are in trustworthy and experienced hands to help you achieve your best oral health. Our friendly and highly skilled team are always here to support you through every step of your treatment journey. If you want to find out more about what our patients have to say about our services, you can link on this link below: