How we treat periodontal disease

There is a common misconception that dental care is limited purely to the actual teeth. It’s one that allows the gums to go untreated and uncared for. Pure Periodontics is dedicated to providing the very best treatment to those suffering from gum and periodontal disease. A team of specialist periodontists consult with patients who are in need of periodontal assessment and treatment in order to provide your teeth with the solid foundation needed to achieve and maintain excellent oral health.

Pure Periodontics specialise in periodontal (gum) problems, treating gum inflammation, infection and the build-up of plaque and tartar. The prevention, diagnosis and treatment of periodontal issues is the practice’s specialist subject, so you can be confident in the excellent services that provided.

As a highly specialised service, customers usually come to Pure Periodontics through dental practices who are looking to refer their patients over to see an expert. Delivering quality periodontal care to these patients, treating the onset of gum disease before it further develops, is the main priority. In general, treatment is quick and easy. However, if the infection is more advanced then it is likely to involve more extensive work. The extent of the problem will affect the length and severity of the treatment, but patients can rely on receiving an exceptional level of care throughout.

Dr Neesha Patel provides care for the advanced cases of periodontal diseases as well as aesthetic periodontal treatment. Cosmetic dentists are often assisted with the reconstruction of damaged gums, prior to the insertion of dental implants. Cutting edge laser periodontal therapy is used to remove the plaque and calculus pockets from around the teeth whilst smoothing the gum tissue to make brushing teeth easier and more effective.

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